HOT YOGA….yay or nay?

I’m going to my very first hot yoga class tomorrow. I’ve always been a BIG FAN of yoga and have wanted to try HOT YOGA for a while. Tomorrow is my chance? Me, my hubby and a girlfriend of mine are going tomorow to this place down the road. I’m super stoked! Anyone out in tumblr land have any pointers? My biggest worry is that it’s going to be too uncomfortable (because of the heat) for me to enjoy. I know I need to drink a ton of water (which isn’t a problem for me cuz I drink a shit-ton anyways) and I know I’m going to sweat alot but that’s about it. I’m hoping some of you out there have done it before can give some insight on things you liked/disliked.  Either way, I can’t wait! I’ll try and remember to blog about it tomorrow night…happy fat burning ya’ll!